Thrills and Agonies and Investing. No defeat.

thrill-imgIf you were around at all during the mid 70s then the following words will be iconic to you:
Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The human drama of athletic competition. This is…(well, you know the rest).

Perhaps the most memorable part of that opening was Vinko Bogataj falling off the edge of that ski jump. For over thirty years he epitomized what Americans considered to be failure and defeat.

Indeed, we do tend to view defeat, as Jim McCay called it, “agony.” As a culture we’ve become resistant to look at our failures. That’s too bad. Failure has always been our greatest opportunities for new way of thinking. Investors afraid of defeat keep their money in low yielding accounts. When they retire and they have little to show for their life’s work. Becoming conservative after a recent defeat, only compounds the damage.

On the other end of the spectrum is the “thrill of victory.” This is almost as troubling as the agony of defeat. I have seen investors so attached to the “thrill” that they take foolish risks with their investments. They want an adrenalin hit instead of building a financial future for their family. We need to be mindful of when the money is expected to be used.

I have had the advantage of witnessing a lot of victory and defeat in my business. It gives you a valuable perspective to under emphasize the victories and give perspective to the occasional defeats. The most successful investors are not really affected either way. They keep themselves focused on the longer journey and not the latest turn. This allows us to be more aggressive in defeated times and decidedly more defensive in thrilling times.

At Eagle West we are in for the long haul. Having managed many client portfolios for well over a decade, we take a view of their finances that has more to do with “the calm of steady growth” than thrills or agonies. While “calm and steady” isn’t all that exciting, it does allow up to give our clients the safety and security they most desire. Oh…and no one is ever in danger of falling off a ski ramp either.

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