A Simple Question Was Asked…and we answered.

A simple question was asked: Why not just buy and hold the index? And if not, how can a relatively small “part time” investment manager compete with all the available large institutional managers?

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The Sequester.

by Jeff Ptak, CFA President and Chief Investment Officer Morningstar Investment Services U,S, lawmakers remain at odds over which steps to take in order to reduce the federal budget deficit. If the two sides are unable to forge a compromise by March 1,2013, a process known as “sequestration”or automatic spending cuts-will unfold,

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The Euro and US Politics – A NEW Game of Thrones.

Europe finally chooses its path, and it’s for a tighter union and a loss of sovereignty. The EU Central Bank agreed to lend an “unlimited” amount of short term money to struggling EU countries. Countries who want to continue to get short-term loans will have to demonstrate progress in reform (austerity). The EU will print […]

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A Visual Guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy.

The US Debt limit discussion has passed into the background, but it’s not gone. The US government has the same fundamental problems as Europe, in that it makes financial promises that it cannot support long term. At some point soon, the borrowed money cannot mathematically be paid back. Many would point to our current economic […]

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So far the markets seem to keep going up and up.

While the S&P 500 up from 1250 to 1410, year to date, that can’t continue forever. We all expect a correction, but so far that correction seems muted. The technicals suggest we are in a longer term pattern that could continue to as high as 1530 on the S&P 500. Why is this happening? Partly […]

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Your “Punk Economics” Lesson.

Irish Economist David McWilliams explains the ECB’s massive cash for trash scheme — bailing out banks with your money. http://youtu.be/V5z0rQRdsiE

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Challenges = Recovery

At the request of clients, we are providing market and general portfolio discussions on a more regular basis. Last month, we provided the 2012 Market Outlook. If by chance you did not receive the outlook, please reply to this email and we will correct that oversight. It’s also posted on our website at: https://www.eaglewestgroup.com/EWG-Financial-Commentary.10.htm

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What are we doing to protect your money?

We have received a number of calls lately from clients who are concerned about the perceived increased risk of the markets and the debt of global economies. All of these risks are very real and we take our obligation to protecting our clients very seriously. I thought it might be helpful to give a general […]

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The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die.

This is a good article that details why it is important for your beneficiaries to know how to access your important documents in the event of the unexpected. We have long advocated that our clients make their heirs aware of how to establish an estate settlement should something happen to them. Indeed, not pleasant to […]

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