COVID-19: Where do we go from here? What’s the plan?

Stock markets took a large hit over the last two weeks. In our 2020 outlook, we expected more volatility, although Corona was just getting started. The good news is that the underlying fundamentals of the economy appear to be good. We have a pro-growth footing, there is not an obvious overvaluation or bubble, and the US looks […]

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The Problem with the Financial Industry

Have you ever heard the idea, “the percentage of stocks you should own = 110 – your age?  This would mean that if you are 60 and entering retirement, you should have 60% in stocks.  Ideas like this make financial planning much easier but does this make sense for you?  The general idea seems to […]

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Structured Income

Structured income is an asset class that people should understand and consider when diversifying a portfolio.  Most people tend to only invest in Stocks, funds, or bonds.  That’s fine, but the problem is that most stock funds are highly correlated.  They tend to move together.   In looking to diversify, you might consider Bonds which sometimes […]

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Over Contributing to Your 401K Might Not Be as Beneficial as You Think

Exceeding the contribution limit on a 401K is not a common occurrence; however, there are employees who are over contributing to their 401K(s); it is important to keep in mind that exceeding the contribution limits on your 401K might not be as beneficial as you think.  Let’s begin by mentioning that the contribution limit for […]

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Making Healthy Financial Decisions

Happy New Year! As many people settle into the first few weeks of the year and focus on doing better in a variety of areas of their lives, many find that they are not in great financial shape or know how to create healthy financial habits. Contrary to what many people think, millennials are not […]

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Market Outlook 2020

Eagle West Group: Market Outlook 2020 • Stocks: Expect lower returns for US Stocks. Although the economy is supported by solid fundamentals, we expect the economy to slow through 2020, as valuations get stretched. Trade deal successes could drive returns significantly higher, as world economy gets reenergized. However, the general international trend is slowing, led […]

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Podcast #9: 2020 Market Outlook

 Meaning Of MoneyPodcast by Eagle West Group Topic: 2020 Market OutlookRick and Mike have a conversation about the road ahead examining many different points of view from multiple sources. It’s an insightful discussion about what investors might reasonably expect as many different events continue to unfold including the 2020 election, international trade resolution and economic fundamentals.  

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Do I Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

It’s a fact that about 50% of people will have some sort of long-term care event in their lives—before or after retirement. According to the Administration on Aging, about 40% of people receiving long-term care today are between 18 and 64. It can happen to anyone, anytime. That alone makes deciding how to fund this […]

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Caring for Our Parents

My wife and I pay for the care of my mother-in-law who is a resident in an Alzheimer’s dementia facility. When she was transferred there from an assisted living facility ( which we were also paying for) she was in failing health and the doctors told us that she had maybe six months. That was […]

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What are the Advantages of Rolling the Money of My Retirement Plan into an IRA?

Contributing to an employer-sponsored retirement plan (401K or its cousin, 403B plans), has many advantages and can help you achieve the life you want at retirement; it is important to know how your plan works and what it allows for.  One of the provisions available on many retirement plans is to allow the participant to […]

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