When planning for your financial future, shoot for the record!

Did you see the headlines last week? The Guinness Book of World Records crowned someone new as “the world’s oldest person.” A mother of five, Kane Tanaka was born in 1903 and married in 1922 at just 19 years old. Today, at the ripe old age of 116, she studies math and other subjects for […]

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How To Avoid Being a Target

If I had a dime for every time over the course of my 27-year career I’ve heard the phrase “they don’t teach finance in school“ I’d be wealthier than I want to make my clients. This form of lament is especially common among high income earning professionals who quite commonly face unique sets of financial […]

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A View From an Institutional Manager

One of the great opportunities we get because of the amount of money we manage is access to people that are usually hard to get to.  I had a call this week with a portfolio manager from Guggenheim Investments.  We got to talk about the recent Federal Reserve comments and their view on the economy […]

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Podcast: Hiring an Advisor

Meaning of Moneypodcast by Eagle West GroupMichael ClarkeTopic: Hiring an AdvisorIn this podcast, Micheal Clarke discusses with athletic attorney Brandon Leopoldus how to hire a financial advisor. They discuss common traits, what to look for and what to pay attention to when talking with your financial advisor.Brandon LeopoldusHit Play to ListenAdvisory services offered through EWG […]

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Strategies To Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Your decision on when to retire and when to start collecting Social Security Benefits can greatly impact your retirement.  People are generally living longer today than they did before, which causes them to choose to work longer and delay retirement to save more money.  The age and method on when to start claiming Social Security […]

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Protecting Seniors from Financial Fraud

On February 5, 2019, FINRA (a not-for-profit, self-regulatory agency authorized by Congress to protect the integrity and fairness of the “broker-dealer” industry) issued a new rule requiring brokers to ask their customers to submit the name of an additional personal contact to verify suspicious financial transactions. The new rule is not meant to limit a […]

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A Word About Risk

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), one of the most important parts of my job is assessing each of my client’s comfort level with risk. How I help a “white-knuckle” investor reach their goals is very different from how I work with a client who is at peace with the market and comfortable with focusing […]

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2019 Market Outlook

Meaning Of MoneyIntroducing the Eagle West Group podcast.In episode one Rick, Mike and Eric discuss the 2019 market outlook. Michael ClarkeRick WatsonEric ImleyHit Play to ListenAdvisory services offered through EWG Elevate, Inc. dba Eagle West Group.

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How To Measure Investment Success – Part 1

Economic uncertainty and volatile markets can be unnerving for investors.  Furthermore, knowing whether or not your investment allocations and performance is/are right for you can also prove challenging. In short, how do you know if you’re succeeding? It used to be that investors determined this simply: if they made money, they were happy; if they lost […]

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6-Month Outlook From Manning & Napier

We thought we would forward a market 6-month outlook from a mutual fund provider we use from time to time, Manning and Napier.  We see some big institutions focused on average prices and market fundamentals projecting amazing growth for 2019 and others looking at the technical (charts) forecasting much lower prices.  We think this Manning […]

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