Our Investment Models

At Eagle West Group we make available a large number of institutional managers and also our in-house run model portfolios. Our Eagle West Group portfolios have several advantages:

  1. They are less expensive because we don’t pay another institution to trade the portfolios and we control the building blocks to keep cost down.
  2. Each model has a defined and unique strategy to defend against downside markets. Models are not static; they respond to market environments.
  3. We can customize your experience by blending together several models in one account, along with your individual favored holdings, so you don’t have so many accounts to manage.
  4. Because we build and maintain these models, we can better explain changes that occur and our reasoning behind these recommendations.

Listed below are our in-house investment management solutions.

  • Advance & Protect Model – This model is designed to always consider downside risk yet follow investment trends as they appear. It is nimble in moving to cash, rather than being invested, in negative market environments. While APM is broadly diversified and primarily built from ETFs of low cost indexes, it has no specific allocation to stocks or bonds.
  • Advance & Protect – Growth – Using the same statistical computer and trading model as APM, the Advance & Protect -Growth plan is less concerned with the portfolio being diversified or short-term downside risk. Since this is also a trend-following portfolio, it will not necessarily track with a specific index. The portfolio will use more volatile ETFs, but also individual mid-sized stocks. There is no specific allocation to stocks or bonds in this plan it will go to cash or be uninvested if the current environment appears unforgiving. This model may also effectively bet significantly against the market at times. It’s appropriate for younger, more aggressive investors.
  • Managed Dividend – Suitable for moderate investors or those nearing or in retirement, the Managed Dividend portfolio attempts to generate a yield or income, assuming reasonable fluctuations in the value of the individual investments, which are primarily dividend earning stocks, preferred stocks or bonds. It has no specific allocation to stocks or bonds. Investment decisions are generally considered weekly, although sometimes can occur more frequently. This model will occasionally go to cash, but we consider the dividend to be the main defense method.
  • Stable Growth –This option is designed to create a fairly stable portfolio, using stock, bond, managed futures and global alternatives with generally low volatility.
  • Blend – This model was designed to be less nimble than APM and generally fully invested more often. This is a fully statistical plan with no human element to the trade decision process. It is a blend diversified by the use of three different investment strategies that tend to move independently of each other including:
    • 30% – Long/Short – When market indicator is positive this portfolio is globally invested in Stock ETFs. When market indicator is negative this portfolio takes effective bets against global stock indexes.
    • 40% – Sector Rotation – When market indicator is positive this portfolio is invested in last quarter’s four highest ranked stock or bond sectors. When market indicator is negative this portfolio moves to cash.
    • 30% – Bull/Calendar Effects – This portion of the strategy is to be fully invested in equity ETFs during periods when our long-term trend indicator is positive and only exposed to a few days of high conviction equity ETF exposure when our long-term trend indicator is negative. When market indicator is positive this portfolio is globally invested in Stock ETFs.


*Investing in securities (including the models advertised herein) involves risk and loss. Further, depending on the different types of investments that may be varying degrees of rick. Clients and prospective clients should be prepared to bear investment loss including loss of original principal. The models advertised herein is not designed based on the individual needs of any one specific client or investor. In other words, it is not a customized strategy designed on the specific financial circumstances of the client. However, prior to opening an account using the advertised model, Cambridge will consult with you to determine if your financial objectives are appropriate for investing in the model. You are also provided the opportunity to place reasonable restrictions on the securities held in your account.

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