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The Biggest Retirement Risk

Retirement is relatively two or three generations old. For example, my grandfather worked all his life and his retirement home was his casket. That’s what his generation did. They simply worked until they couldn’t work anymore. However, subsequent generations have come to conceptualize their golden years a bit differently and are planning for the days when […]

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Ever wonder what your Financial GPA is? You’re not alone!

At Eagle West, we have a vast toolbox to help clients both understand and have confidence in the state of their entire financial situation—something we call Financial Wellness. Understanding KP Physician Financial Wellness is a priority for Eagle West. A tool that helps us do that, and is very popular with our clients, is the […]

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Fire Drill

One of the things that is uniquely human is our ability to consider our own existence; how we fit into the world and our effect on others. We have probably all done the exercise of thinking through what would happen if we die. It’s important to run these types of fire drills because we understand […]

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How to Start Planning for Retirement

There are many different factors that come into play when planning for retirement. These factors can make the beginning stages of retirement planning a difficult task. To make matters more challenging most of the investment and financial advice available is geared toward people who have already started saving for the future.

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Have a plan, Stay the Course

With all the bad news we hear each day, it’s sometimes difficult to see the positives in the world.  Between what is happening economically in China and Europe, the drastic swings in the stock market, and the pending election in the United States, often it’s difficult to stay the course with your investment plan.

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COMPLETE, CURRENT and CLEAR: The Keys to a Successful Plan

We transition through three distinct phases of our financial lives. Accumulation: Creating our Wealth. Distribution: Providing income throughout our lifetimes. Legacy: transferring assets and values to those we love. All three are important, but one will impact beyond our lifetime. This commentary is focused on the third phase, your Legacy. Your Estate Plan needs to […]

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Changes in the Financial Industry that Might Affect You

A few weeks ago the Department of Labor (DOL) provided the final rules that have been under negotiation with Congress for over a year. Its purpose is to introduce a fiduciary standard (something like the obligation that a doctor has to their patients) to financial advisors and their clients. In general, this is a good […]

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Prepared or Surprised? It’s Your Choice

As we become more “mature” many of us have either personally experienced or know someone who has needed a “Stress Test.” A certified physician administers this test, analyses the results, and informs the patient of procedures needed or changes in health, diet, and exercise plans. We all agree that it is better to know a […]

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Student Loan Tips for Recent Grads

We understand the importance and value of a higher education. At Eagle West Group we encourage everyone to improve themselves anyway they can, and for many families student loans are the only way to obtain that higher education. We came upon an article with tips to help keep student debt under control. This article goes […]

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Keep Doing the Right Thing.

The start of 2016 is one for the record books. The recent volatility has stirred up emotions and questions from clients that we have not seen in a while.  We wanted to address one of the questions asked recently, “Should I stop saving until the market gets better?” Our advice is don’t let the market […]

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