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A View From an Institutional Manager

One of the great opportunities we get because of the amount of money we manage is access to people that are usually hard to get to.  I had a call this week with a portfolio manager from Guggenheim Investments.  We got to talk about the recent Federal Reserve comments and their view on the economy […]

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Fair Trade

Clients have frequently asked about how tariffs might affect portfolios.  The concern is understandable.  I think most all of us would agree, tariffs are generally bad, and are an additional tax on consumers, which slows the economy.  At the same time, uneven trade deals are not good for the US.  The addition of steep tariffs […]

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Putting Bitcoin into Perspective

As the price of Bitcoin soars higher and higher ($2,647.57 as of this writing), more and more people are beginning to take note. The surge in interest and demand for more information are driving the research departments, at some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, to begin covering the cryptocurrency and its competitors.

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How to Track the Performance of Your Investment Portfolio

The return of your investment portfolio is an important matter. However, when tracking that performance, you need to set the right expectations. There is no general standard that all of the investments will return a specific percentage each year or that they will behave the same.  Performance standards are moving targets and it’s important to […]

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Your Portfolio and a Trump Election

It’s fair to say that most people didn’t expect the Trump election victory.  Speaking with a well-known lobbyist in Washington on Thursday, he believed that no one was more surprised than Trump himself. There will be changes to the court, Obama Care, infrastructure, immigration, and climate policy.  Some people will celebrate and some will mourn, […]

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Narrative #2

As the presidential election season falls upon us there are many barbs being thrown from both sides of the isle. These barbs tend to be spun in the form of narratives that can affect voting outcomes and influence individual’s investment decisions. Brian Wesbury from First Trust Portfolios recently pointed out three narratives that we should […]

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Brexit: The recent vote by Britain to leave the European Union is both an economic and political earthquake.  It puts in question England’s economic relationships and the longer term future of the European Union. 

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Politics and the Markets

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island somewhere you are no doubt aware of the incendiary tone that has overtaken the 2016 presidential election. Many clients have asked if election outcomes influence portfolio returns. The general belief in the financial industry is that presidential election outcomes have very little to do with market direction. […]

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When a Safe is Safe

At the beginning of this year Japan embarked on extraordinary central bank policy of “Negative Interest Rates” A negative interest rate means the central bank, and perhaps private banks, will charge negative interest. Instead of receiving money on deposits, depositors must pay regularly to keep their money in the bank. This is intended to incentivize […]

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High Tech, High Touch, or Both?

The Gallup Organization released a poll revealing that only slightly more than half of Americans say they currently have money in the stock market, even including 401(k) and IRA holdings. What’s striking about the poll, is that it’s back to the lowest rate in the survey’s 19 year history. Recently our best indicators turned positive […]

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